• Orthopaedic & Trauma

    The department is in-charge of all Trauma/Orthopaedic cases seen in the hospital. It has been strengthened and grown over time. New sub-specialities created and built up.


    • Dr. M.F Alimi
      Consultant Special Grade I
    • Dr. G.B Idowu-Deifa
      Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon
    • Dr. T.O Adeyemi
      Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon
    • Dr. A.M Toluse
      Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

    Orthopaedics & Traumatology

    • Dr. O.S Idowu
      Consultant Special Grade I
    • Dr. F.C Nwachukwu
      Orthopaedic Surgeon
    • Dr. Chungjoe Choji
      Orthopaedic Surgeon
    • Dr. Thomas Atibaka
      Orthopaedic/Trauma Surgeon
    • Dr. U. Akpati
      Orthopaedic/Trauma Surgeon


    • Dr. O.K Idowu
      Orthopaedic Surgeon
    • Dr. Wakeel Lawal
      Orthopaedic Surgeon
    • Dr. A.A Taiwo
      Orthopaedic Surgeon
    • Dr. Kehinde Alatishe
      Orthopaedic Surgeon
    • Dr. Temiloluwa Olufemi
      Orthopaedic Surgeon


    • Dr. O.R Babalola
      Orthopaedic Surgeon
    • Dr. Shopekhai Itakpe
      Orthopaedic Surgeon


    • Dr. Ope Olusunmade
      Orthopaedic Oncologist
    • Dr. B.A Igbinoba
      Orthopaedic Oncologist


    • Dr. E.B Izuagba
      Pediatric Surgeon
    • Dr. Peter Obiodu
      Pediatric Surgeon


    • Dr. Asika Okobi


    • Dr. Nkem Okoli

    The department is basically divided into five sections with the staff strength of 16 doctors that work on 24/7, 365 days basis.


    • Orthopaedic & Trauma Unit
    • Paediatric Unit
    • Arthroscopic & Sports Medicine


    • Spine Unit
    • Arthroplasty & Oncology

    List of Services Rendered

    • Prompt treatment of Trauma Cases
    • Surgical procedures carried out with precision
    • Attending to outpatients clinics in orthopaedic/trauma/arthroplasty/arthroscopy etc.
    • Inpatients management in the wards
    • Training and Research
    • Dr. W.A Lawal

      • Orthopaedic / Trauma Surgeon
      • MB.ChB, FWACS
      • Fellowship in Athroplasty, India *A-Z Knee and Hip Replacement Course, Dubai *ATLS Course, India * Complex Primary Knee Symposium, India.
      • Room 4, First Floor Main Administrative Building
      • trauma@nohlagos.org.ng
      • Monday - Friday
  • Anaesthesia & Intensive Care

    The Department of Anaesthesia provide anaesthetic Services for all surgical treatment in the hospital and some non-surgical procedure. These include all orthopaedic procedures, trauma care and burns and plastic procedures. Anaesthesia provided for these procedures include all types of techniques of general Anaesthesia, regional and nerve blocks. It also evaluates elective and emergency cases pre and peri-operatively. The department also oversees the management of the critically ill patients of the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit – a purpose built ICU facility situated in the Mobolaji Bank Anthony groups of wards. A full-fledged pain management care is yet to be established though acute pain management care has taken off.

    The manpower of the department include 5 Physician Anaesthesist – (Drs. I.J. Akpan, U.C. Nwose,T.O. Oladunjoye, A.O. Durodola and O.O. Akin-Williams) amongst whom are specialist in regional and nerve blocks and intensivists. The department is also blessed with well trained, experienced anaesthetic Nurses and Technicians. All efforts are made to provide safe anaesthesia for all our patients, the hospital management provide anaesthetic monitors including capnographs, pulse oximeters and electrocardiograms for effective patient monitoring under anaesthesia. However, there is still room to meet up with the WHO standard minimum requirements of monitoring for all our patients and supplies and donations by all well-meaning people of Nigeria and the world will be very welcomed.


    • I.J Akpan
    • U.C Nwose
    • Dr. T.O Oladunjoye
    • A.O Durodola
    • A.O Akin williams

    Services Rendered

    • Provision of anaesthetic Services for all surgical treatment in the hospital and some non-surgical procedure. These include all orthopaedic procedures, trauma care and burns and plastic procedures.
    • Evaluates elective and emergency cases pre and peri-operatively.
    • oversees the management of the critically ill patients of the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit
  • Emergency Medical Services

    The Emergency Medical Service department is the first point of call of any patient to the hospital; we can therefore describe the Casualty as the eye of the hospital as whatever happens here has a long lasting impression the patient and relatives. We strive not to turn back any patient, we tried our best, often successful to fully resuscitate any injured patient, admit them if a case we can manage at our centre – National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi or refer them to any other hospital if we don’t manage the injury because of associated injuries. From the EMS, we refer patients to the relevant specialties and units. The principles of Servicom are employed in the day to day activities of the clinic. The weight, height and blood pressure of patients are also taken as baseline readings in the clinic; which has helped to detect other medical conditions of the patients. The unit has three consulting rooms; A Consultant Surgeon, two senior doctors and Resident doctors as they are being posted for their residency programmes in casualty department.


    • Dr. O.R Babalola
    • Dr. Ogunnaike
    • Dr. Abolarin
    • Dr. Nwokeji
    • Dr. Okeniyi
    • Dr. Onochie
    • Dr. Ndukwe
    • Dr. Adegoke
    • Dr. Igbo
    • Dr. Egbekun
    • Dr. Alao
    • Dr. Adegoke
    • Dr. Falade

    The department is basically divided into two sections with the staff strength of 13 doctors that work on 24/7, 365 days basis. The main sections are Main Accident and Emergency and New General Out-patient Units.

    The Main Accident and Emergency Unit comprises:

    • The Triage Area
    • Three (3) bedded resuscitation rooms with all relevant gadgets
    • Casualty ward – comprising 19 bed spaces
    • It is staffed by 12 doctors headed by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.
    • About 27 nurses trained in Othopaeidc and Accident and Emergency Nursing

    New General Out-patient units comprises:

    • Waiting area
    • Registration point
    • Three (3) consulting rooms, etc.
    • List of Services Rendered

      • Management of all Emergencies at presentation; including triage of mass casualty,
      • Resuscitation and stabilization of patient
      • Initial management of wounds
      • Splinting of fractures and dislocations.
      • Initial Reduction Immobilization of Fracture.
      • Referral of patient to either specialist clinic for further management and follow-up or for admission for further detailed management or to the trauma theater for urgently required operation
      • This is done on a 24/7, 365 days basis
    • Dr. A.A Taiwo

      • Arthroplasty Surgeon
      • MBBS, FWACS
      • *Current Conceptsin Joint Replacement, Florida * Basic Arthroplasty Course, UAE * Advance Trauma Life Support, UAE * Fellowship in Joint Replacement.
      • ems@nohlagos.gov.ng
  • Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    The first Plastic Surgeon that joined the services of this hospital was Dr. Segun Aranmolate in 1982. He brought the specialty of Burns and Plastic Surgery in National Orthopaedic hospital to light in Nigeria by managing a child then who was thought to have no hope for care in the country. Ever since then Plastic Surgery services were being rendered in this hospital. The services evolved over the years to establishment of the Burns and Plastic Surgery department in the late nineties.

    The Burns and Plastic Surgery department delivers specialized tertiary care to both adults and pediatrics patients. Services provided include specialized burn care, correction of congenital defects such as cleft lip and palate; congenital hand anomalies, congenital and acquired vascular anomalies, management of soft tissue defects, cosmetic procedures and reconstructive procedures. The department has four Plastic Surgeons who are committed to provision of care to patients and training. The department has produced a number of Plastic Surgeons in the country.

    The department continues to strive to give premium health care and prospective clinical research are ongoing. However, there is need for further upgrading and equipping of the department.

    Doctors in Burns / Plastics

    • Dr. F.O Abikoye
      Burns & Plastic Surgeon
    • Dr. O.A Ayoade
      Burns & Plastic Surgeon
    • Dr. T.O Osisanya
      Burns & Plastic Surgeon
    • Dr. Ajani Abdulwahab
      Burns & Plastic Surgeon

    The department is basically divided into six sections with staff strength of 4 consultants and many other doctors that work on 24/7, 365 days basis. The main sections services rendered are as follows:


    • Burns Unit
    • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    • Congenital Anomalies
    • Cleft Care


    • Hand Surgery
    • Scar Care
    • Wound Care
    • Tumours

    Services Rendered

    • Outpatient Clinics: The two surgical units in the department holds clinics on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively. Alternate Friday morning clinics are also run by the unitthat is not on call. All elective patients with chronic ulcers, skin tumours, tendon and nerve injuries, elective patient with burn injuries and their sequelae, vascular anomalies, complex wounds etc. are referred to out-patient department, seen and managed by respective units.
    • Emergency Surgical Services: All emergencies in the above listed conditions are referred to us via the casualty department. Emergency surgeries aredone as indicated and patients are subsequently admitted into the wards or referred to the Out Patient Clinics for follow up.
    • Ward Rounds: The four Consultants presently in the department holds their teaching ward rounds on Mondays and Tuesdays, starting at 8.00 a.m. and 9.00 a.m respectively. Business rounds holds on Fridays by the unit in clinic.
    • Elective Surgeries: The four Consultants operates on Mondays and Wednesdays in the main theatre and on alternate Fridays in the Trauma Theatre.
    • Residency Training: The Resident doctors rotating through the department are supervised and trained by the Consultants. They have bedside teaching ward rounds. Unit tutorials are also held regularly. Regular departmental tutorials holds at 2.00p.m. on Thursdays,; Interactive Resident Presentations, bedside presentations and Journal clubs hold and are moderated by Consultants.
    • Referrals From Orthopaedic Teams: All referrals from the Orthopaedic units are attended to. These are principally in the area of coverage of complex open fracture, osteomyelitis and pressure sores, extensive soft tissue defects.
    • We also assist in extremity vascular repairs especially following trauma and latrogenic injuries (intra-operative).
    • Dr. T.O Osisanya

      • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
      • M,B; B,S.( Ib.) F.W.A.C.S. (Plastic Surgery)
      • *9th Ibadan Flap Transfer & Microvascular Surgery Course- March 30th –April 4th University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria *Australia-New Zealand Burn Association Emergency *Management of Severe Burns Course Cape Town, South Africa *The British Society for Surgery of the Hand Instructional - Course in Hand Surgery *International Visiting Scholar, Division of Reconstructive - Microsurgery, Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Taiwan.
      • burns@nohlagos.gov.ng
      • Monday - Friday
  • Medical Social Services

    Medical Social Services Department of National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos attends to patients and their families who have difficulties coping with their emotional, psychological, social and care problems arising from ill health and traumatic injuries. As an inter-disciplinary team player, medical social worker collaborates with the medical team and community resources to provide patients and their family holistic care.


    • Aikpitanyi, Osaro Galvin
    • Akinyemi, Eromosele Omoyemi

    In upholding the key vision of National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, our department provides the following services.

    Casework management:
    Medical social workers assist patients and their families to cope with their medical conditions and the need for treatment and provide them with emotional and social support.

    Counseling & Therapy:
    Medical social workers are extensively involved in counseling—managing issues from illness coping, illness anxiety, grief and loss, bereavement and other emotional distress.

    Psychological Trauma Support:
    Patients admitted for burns, road traffic accidents and other traumatic injuries are exposed to psychological trauma. Medical social workers support affected patients as they cope with psychological trauma.

    Home/Office Tracing:
    Medical social workers engage in home/office tracing when a patient is brought into the hospital on emergency without the knowledge of his/her family members/employer. This is also done to locate the families of abandoned patients.

    Financial Assistance:
    Medical costs and treatment affordability are common concerns among many patients. In addition to formal assistance schemes from the hospital, we link indigent patients with external resources like non-governmental organizations, religious bodies, corporate bodies, philanthropists and social clubs to meet their treatment costs and practical needs arising from their illnesses.

    The department calls on Non-Governmental Organizations, Religious Bodies, Corporate Bodies, Philanthropists and Social Clubs to kindly include the Medical Social Services Department of this hospital on behalf of our indigent patients in the list of beneficiaries of their humanitarian services by providing us with financial assistance so that more of our indigent patients in need of medical assistance can be assisted.

    • Mrs. Okoruwa Victoria

      • Chief Medical Social Worker
      • • B.Ed. Health education, University of Ibadan, Oyo State
        • Masters in Social Work, Lagos State University, Lagos State
      • • Health Planning and Evaluation Techniques (July 1st 2016),
        • Services Improvement Training, National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi (September 24th 2018).
        • Goals and Priority Setting, Strategy for success and performance improvement, Hocal consulting Limited (February 11th – 12th 2020),
      • Old Admin Building
      • Monday - Friday
  • Pathology

    The department was established in 1976 as a diagnostic unit of the hospital with four basic units (Haematology & Blood transfusion, Chemical pathology, Microbiology/Parasitology, Histopathology/Mortuary services)
    Today we have six units in the department:
    i. Haematology
    ii. Blood transfusion services
    iii. Chemical pathology
    iv. Microbiology and Parasitology
    v. Histopathology/Cytology and Mortuary services
    vi. Immunology unit

    The department has highly skilled work force at all levels including support staff.
    Skilled work force - Pathologists and Medical Laboratory Scientists.
    Support staff are nurses, medical laboratory technicians and assistants, health assistants and health attendants.
    The patriotism, dedication of staff to duty and their compassion makes the department one of the most user-friendly department in the hospital.


    • Sodium
    • Potassium
    • Chloride
    • Bicarbonate
    • Urea
    • Creatinine
    • Calcium
    • Phosphorus

    • Aspartate Transaminase (AST)
    • Alanine Transaminase (ALT)
    • Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT)
    • Alkaline Phosphatase
    • Total Bilirubin
    • Conjugated Bilirubin
    • Unconjugated Bilirubin

    • Fasting blood sugar
    • Random blood sugar
    • 2 Hours Post- Prandial (2HPP)
    • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
    • Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1C)

    • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
    • Thyroxine (T4)
    • Thyronine (T3)

    • Cholesterol
    • Triglyceride
    • High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)
    • Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL)

    • Total protein
    • Albumin
    • Serum protein Electrophoresis (SPE)
    • Bence Jones Protein (BJP)

    7. Uric Acid
    8. Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

    • Tissue AFB
    • Sputum AFB
    • Mantoux

    2. BLOOD
    • Blood Culture
    • Malaria Parasite
    • Microfilaria
    • BHCG

    3. URINE
    • Urinalysis
    • Urine Mlds

    4. FLUIDS (M/ds)
    • Synorid Fluid M/ds
    • PUS
    • Aspirate
    • Cerebrospinal fluid
    • Seminal fluid

    5. Seminal fluid Analysis
    6. TISSUE M/ds
    • Sequenstrum
    • Tissue Biopsy
    • Pyogenic Membrane
    • Bone Biopsy

    7. STOOL
    • Stool Mlds
    • Stool Microscopy

    8. SWABS M/ds
    • Wound Swab
    • Throat Swab
    • Nasal Swab
    • Urethral Swab
    • Ear Swab
    • Eye Swab
    • High Vaginal Swab
    • Endocervical Swab

    9. SPUTUM M/ds
    10. Other M/ds
    • Catheter tip
    • Central line catheter
    • Implant

    11. Occult Blood
    12. TB – Quantiferon

    • 1st Month
    • 2nd Month
    • After 2nd Month
    • Small Sample
    • Small Sample (NHIS)
    • Big Sample
    • Big Sample (NHIS)
    • Amputated Limbs
    • Small Sample
    • Big/Special
    • F.N.A.C, Aspirates, Pap Smears
    • F.N.A.C, Aspirates, Pap Smears (NHIS)

    1. Rapid Diagnostic Tests:
    • HIV I & II
    • HBsAg
    • HCV
    • Syphilis

    2. ELISA Testing Methods:
    • HIV I & II
    • HBsAg
    • HCV
    • Syphilis

    2. C-Reactive Protein
    • Rheumatoid Factor
    • Serum Vitamin D3
    • Anti - CCP

    • Full Blood Count (FBC)
    • ESR
    • WBC - Total
    • PCV
    • HB
    • Platelets
    • Hb Electrophoresis
    • Blood Group
    • Clotting Profile - PT
    Bleeding Time
    Clotting Time

    • Blood Donation
    • Grouping and Cross-matching
    • Direct Coombs Test
    • Indirect Coombs Test

    • Dr. K.O Aramide

      • Clinical Pathologist
      • MBChB, FMCPath, FCPath – ECSA.
      • *Medical Ethnics And Negligence, Avoiding Civil And Criminal Liability. *Athritis: Facts And Myths. *West Africa Division Of Iap 12th Annual Pathology Conference.
      • Pathology Building
      • Monday - Friday
  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is a health care profession with an emphasis on the use of therapeutic exercises, electrical and mechanical modalities for the promotion of health, the prevention, treatment and management of injuries, diseases and disabilities. Physiotherapy improves the quality of life by identifying and maximizing client’s ability to move and function with minimal or no pain at all. These can arise from musculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory, and chronic disability conditions etc. Goals are achieved through comprehensive assessment with individualized treatment combining education, home exercise programmes and advice.

    Functions of the department

    • To provide an optimum level of care and strive for excellence in practice.
    • To provide consultation, evaluation, treatment and preventive care
    • To participate in the education of physiotherapy students and other student health professionals.
    • To promote, encourage and participate in research activities.
    • To participate in community based rehabilitation programmes.
    • To design scientific information tools in patient management and care.


    • Mrs. Sonuyi
    • Mrs. Osuji
    • Mrs. Adepetun

    The department is basically divided into two sections with the staff strength of thirty-five (35) physiotherapists. The main sections are Out-patient and In-patient units and the department runs a 365 days per year service with physiotherapists providing call-duty services.

    The Out-Patient Section

    • Executive unit: This unit takes care of patients who opt for flexible timing due to their work schedule
    • Geriatric Unit: The unit takes care of patients with degenerative joint conditions conservatively.
      The goals are to alleviate pain and rehabilitate patients to a functional level of activity.
    • Arthroscopy, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine: The unit focuses on management of soft tissue injuries involving the joints and rehabilitation of patients following Arthroscopy surgeries through specific and patient- centered management protocols.
    • Pediatric Unit: The Unit manages varying neurological and orthopaedic conditions affecting children these conditions could be Traumatic e.g. Fractures dislocations, Erb’s palsy or Congenital, Cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, Muscular dystrophy, Arthrogryposis, Multiplex congenital (AMC).
    • Trauma I & II Unit:This unit takes care of management of patients with various traumatic musculoskeletal injuries such as fractures, sprains. Strains, tendinitis as well as rehabilitation after conservative management.
    • Spine and Neurology Unit: The Unit takes care of patients with various spine and neurological related conditions such as lumbar spondylosis, cervical myelopathies, cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and spinal cord injuries.
    • Burns, Plastic and Oncology Unit: This Unit manages patients with soft tissue injuries, soft tissue sarcoma, bone tumors, burns injury; chemical, electrical and flame burns, ulcers and other related injuries. The unit also is responsible for patients with traumatic hand injuries and patients in the intensive care unit.

    The In-Patient Section

    • The Emergency Medical Service Unit: Patients admitted into the accident and emergency unit of the hospital are attended to.
    • The intensive/Critical Unit: Undertakes care of the critically ill patients
    • The spinal Unit: The unit takes care of Spinal cord injured patients
    • Burns Unit: This unit takes care of patients with burns injury.
    • Plastic Unit: In this unit, patients are seen pre and post their reconstructive and plastic surgery.
    • Ward Unit: This comprises of all the wards in the hospital where physiotherapists see patients admitted following fractures, soft tissue injuries or orthopaedic condition on a daily basis.
    • Mrs. F.A Adepetun

      • Physiotherapist
      • Bsc. Physiotherapy
      • *Medical Ethics and Negligence: Avoiding Civil and Criminal liability - 2020.
        *Leadership and Management in Health University of Washington USA, 2019
      • Room 3, Physiotherapy Block
      • physiotherapy@nohlagos.gov.ng
      • Monday - Friday
  • Staff Medical Services/NHIS

    The NHIS department is situated in a readily accessible area of the hospital. The department is responsible for ensuring optimal biopsychosocial health of the population it subserves.
    The Clinic works in line with the objectives of the NHIS Policy which includes ensuring that every enrollee has access to good health care services, ensuring efficiency and maintaining high standards of health care delivery services.
    The Clinic provides wide range of medical care both in-patient and out-patient settings to NHIS enrollees and their dependants.


    • Doctors
    • Mental Health
    • Pharmacy
    • Nursing
    • NHIS Desk Officers
    • NHIS Accounts Office
    • Health Records


    • Dr. Omikunle T. O.
    • Dr. Awesu
    • Pharm Amorha Chidi
    • CNO Obafemi
    • Mr. Ayeni
    • Mr. Gbenga Oluwakeye
    • Mrs. Lewanya

    The Services provided include:
    Preventive Measures:
    • Early morning pre-construction health talk
    • Relevant case specific education
    • Monthly health education to members of staff
    • Mental Health talk by Clinical Psychologist
    • Medical screening & certification of newly employed staff
    • Vaccination/immunization services
    • Cervical Cancer screening test via VIA (Visual Inspection with acetic acid)
    • Clinical Breast examination
    • Issuance of Medical Certificate of fitness for employment, travel purposes etc.

    • Treatment of common medical condition (in-patient and out-patient)
    • Appropriate referrals when needed
    • Comprehensive management of tuberculosis, mainly musculosketal TB at the TB wing of the clinic
    • Treatment of common psychiatric conditions

    Advocacy: Patient advocacy is done when needed

    • Dr. (Mrs) T. O. Omikunle

      • Consultant Family Physician
      • MBBS, FWACP
      • *Training on Management of Common Medical conditions like Malaria, TB and HIV
        *Workshop on Leadership and and Communication Skills
      • NHIS Clinic/Staff Medical Services
      • Monday - Friday
  • Pharmacy

    I am highly delighted to welcome you to the pharmacy department of the foremost orthopaedic hospital in Nigeria. The department is serviced by seasoned pharmacists, technicians and support staff who work tirelessly towards achieving our vision which is in tandem with the hospital's vision to be a centre of excellence in provision of comprehensive healthcare delivery; by rendering pharmaceutical care services for the ultimate health care of the patient in line with global best practices.
    We look forward to providing every patient with the best professional service in our department.

    The pharmacy department is the arm of the hospital responsible for the provision of safe, efficacious and affordable drugs and other pharmaceutical products of good quality.

    Best regards.
    Pharm. (Mrs.) R.F. Fagboyo B. Pharm., M. Pharm., FPCPharm
    H.O.D, Pharmacy

    Our Vision
    To render pharmaceutical care services for the ultimate health care of the patient in line with Global Best Practices.

    Our Mission
    - To provide at all times safe, efficacious, affordable and qualitative drugs to improve patient’s quality of life.
    -To provide patient-focused care in co-operation and collaboration with the patient and other members of the health care team.
    -To apply professional skills with continuous education in training and research.
    -To give the best pharmaceutical care service delivery to our patients, the pharmacy department provides 24 hours services and other functions as listed below:

    • Provision of qualitative medication counseling to out-patients
    • Collation of pharmacovigilance events in the hospital for NAFDAC
    • Provision of information on medications and related product to patient and other health care professionals in the hospital professionals.
    • Provision of information on medications and related product to patient and other health care professionals in the hospital
    • Conducting of research on drug use patterns and other related issues
    • Training of Intern Pharmacists
    • Provision of pharmaceutical care to both in and out patients
    • Conducting simple quality assurance analysis


    • Pharm Onedo
      Head, MBA Pharmacy
    • Pharm Ekwunife
      Head, Out-patient PharmacyPharmacist
    • Pharm Abubakar
      Head, NHIA Pharmacy
    • Pharm Adio
      Head, Pharmacy Store
    • Pharm Adedoyin
      Head, Theatre Pharmacy
    • Pharm Siniya
      Head, Amenity Pharmacy
    • Pharm T.O Olorunsola
      Head, In-patient/Ward Supply Pharmacy
    • Pharm Chidi Amorha
      Head, Accident & Emergency Pharmacy
    • Pharm Ebitigha
      Head, Pediatric Pharmacy
    • Pharm Soyemi
      Head, Drug Information Centre
    • Pharm Ameen-Ikoyi
      Head, MOPD Pharmacy

    Sections under Pharmacy Department

    • Out-patient Pharmacy Unit.
    • Ward Supply and Compounding Unit.
    • Accident and Emergency Pharmacy Unit.
    • Mobolaji Bank Anthony (MBA) Wards Pharmacy Unit
    • Amenity Pharmacy
    • Pharmacy Store
    • Drug Information, Research and Education/Pharmacovigilance Unit
    • Paediatric Pharmacy Unit
    • NHIA Pharmacy Unit
    • Theatre Pharmacy
    • Modular Out-patient Pharmacy Unit

    Services Rendered by Pharmacy Department

    • Provision of high quality drugs
    • Provision of drug information (verbal and written) to patients and health professionals
    • Provision of pharmaceutical care services to ensure the rational use of drugs. This includes prevention/resolution of potential and actual Medication Related Problems (MRPs), medication reconciliation and patient education/ counseling.
    • Provision of pharmacovigilance services to prevent or minimize Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) experienced by patients
    • Compounding of lotions for wound dressing
    • Compounding of alcohol hand rub to reduce the spread of infections in the hospital
    • Compounding of liquid soap/hand wash to reduce nosocomial infections
    • Compounding of liquid antacids, anti-diarrhoea products and other extemporaneous preparations.
    • Pharm R.F. Fagboyo

      • Pharmacist
      • B.Pharm, M.Pharm, FPCP
      • *Pharmacy Transforming Outcomes! FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2018 Glasgow
        *Pharmacy United in the recovery of healthcare, FIP 2022 Spain
        *Pharmacy Technology Trainee, St. Claire Regional Medical Centre, Kentucky, USA, 2010
        *Masterclass in Pediatric Pharmacy, St. Mary Royal Hospital, U.K, 2010
        *FIP World Congress
      • Room 1 First Floor Main Pharmacy Building
      • pharmacy@nohlagos.gov.ng
      • Monday - Friday
  • Nursing

    Nursing services Department is as old as the Hospital itself (this referred to as Nursing Division). Majority of the Nurses were Nigerian Registered Nurse/Midwives and few Registered Nurses who transferred their services from Lagos State and Island Maternity Hospitals, their major roles were dressing, medication and rehabilitation of wounded soldiers.
    The Department grows over the time to the present position with 321 Registered Nurses, all with various specialties and 202 Ancillary staff (Health Assistants/Attendants).
    A good number of the Nurses have different post-graduate Nursing certificate.

    To be the leading Department with excellent client care services that guarantee best client outcome.

    To consistently exceed client care expectations by providing quality, safe and compassionate Nursing care with advocacy to all our clients, through prompt response to their physical, physiological, psychological, and social needs.

    * Professionalism
    * Caring with empathy
    * Patient Safety
    * Integrity
    * Discipline
    * Altruism
    * Evidence Based Practice


    • Mrs. Emordi M.A. - Deputy Director Nursing, Deputy Head of Department
    • Mrs. Makinde O. - Deputy Director Nursing, CERIT
    • Mrs. Oladapo A.A - Deputy Director Nursing, Personnel
    • Mrs. Somade-Idowu O.O - Deputy Director Nursing, Clinical
    • Mrs. Ogundipe O.A - Deputy Director Nursing, Clinical
    • Mrs. Uwaoma O.C - Deputy Director Nursing, Clinical
    • Mrs. Olunaike O.O - Deputy Director Nursing, Clinical
    • Mrs. Ikeonyekachukwu P.C. - Deputy Director Nursing, Clinical

    The department is basically divided into twelve (12) sections. Below are the available sections with services rendered.


    • Nursing Administrative/Audit unit
    • Nursing Clinical, Education, Research and IT Unit (CERIT)
    • Out Patient Clinic (Clubfoot, DOT, GOPD, MOPD, SOPD)
    • Accident & Emergency Nursing Unit
    • Infection Prevention and Control Unit (Nosocomial, CSSD)
    • Ortho & Trauma Wards


    • Staff Medical Services / NHIS
    • Spinal Unit
    • Burns & Plastic Nursing Units
    • Critical Care Unit
    • Theatre (Modular & Trauma)
    • Paediatrics Wards

    Services Rendered

    • Nursing Administration & Management
    • Orthopaedic / Traumatology Nursing
    • Emergency Nursing Services
    • Burns and Plastic Nursing
    • Critical Care Nursing
    • Peri-Operative Nursing

    Services Rendered

    • Rehabilitative Nursing Services
    • Preventive Nursing – Podiatry, Nosocomial
    • Paediatric Orthopaedic Nursing
    • Mentorship & Preceptorship of Post Basic & Basic Nurses
    • Domestic service by Health Assistants/Attendants
    • Mrs. Mojisola Emordi

      • Nursing
      • RN, RM, RON, BNSc,
        Msc. PH (Health Management)
      • Room 8, First Floor, Admin Building
      • Monday - Friday
  • Prosthetics & Orthotics

    The department is an integral part of the rehabilitation team of the hospital. The department has been in existence in the hospital since December, 1945. Its primary duties are to provide prostheses (artificial limbs) to lower and upper limb amputees and also to provide orthoses (assistive devices) to people with musculoskeletal deficits. The department has various cadres of professionals ranging from Category I officers to Category III according to the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) categorization.

    Functions of the department

    • Designing, fabricating and fitting of Prostheses (Artificial limbs) on amputees
    • Maintenance of Prostheses
    • Designing, fabricating and fitting of Orthoses(Assistive devices)
    • Maintenance of Orthoses
    • Conductingresearch into local materials, for fabrication of Prostheses and Orthoses


    • Mr. Adegbola Mayowa
      Head Prostheics / Orthotics
    • Adepoju Adesina O.
      Prosthetics / Orthotics Asst.
    • Aluko Peter
      Prosthetics / Orthotics Asst.
    • Lawal Shakiru
      Prosthetics / Orthotics Asst.
    • Adeyeye Oladimeji
      Prosthetics / Orthotics Asst.
    • Dosunmu Damilola
      Prosthetics / Orthotics
    • Shobayo Moshood A.
      Prosthetics / Orthotics Asst.
    • Ishola Olaiwola T.
      Prosthetics / Orthotics Asst.
    • Oshodi Shakirat A.
      Prosthetics / Orthotics Asst.
    • Amaech1 Samuel
      Senior Foreman
    • Taiwo Olusola
      Senior Foreman(Shoe Maker)
    • Ogunnami Mary A
      Prosthetist / Orthotist Assistant
    • Akinsanya Taiwo O.
      Prosthetics / Orthotics Asst.
    • Hassan Kaseem
      Senior Craftsman(shoe maker)
    • Awolana Bolaji
      Senior Craftsman(shoe maker)
    • Onochie Theresa
      Senior Craftsman(shoe maker)
    • Akindunni Moruf
      Senior Foreman(Machine)
    • Chukwu Augustine
      Senior Craftsman (Machinist)
    • Raji Oluwakemi
    • Ganiyu Sakiru
      Craftsman(Shoe maker)
    • Ashafa Abdulai
      Craftsman(Shoe maker)

    The department is basically divided into five (5) sections. Below are the available sections with services rendered.

    Prosthetics Workshop Services

    • Hip disarticulation prosthesis
    • Transfemoral prosthesis
    • Knee disarticulation prosthesis
    • Transtibial prosthesis
    • Syme’s prosthesis
    • Chopart prosthesis (forefoot disarticulation prosthesis)
    • Shoulder disarticulation prosthesis
    • Elbow disarticulation prosthesis
    • Transradial prosthesis
    • Wrist disarticulation prosthesis
    • Transcarpal prosthesis
    • Finger amputation prosthesis

    Orthotics Workshop Services

    • Hip knee ankle foot orthosis (HKAFO)
    • Knee ankle foot orthosis (KAFO)
    • Knee orthoses (KO)
    • Ankle foot orthosis (AFO)
    • Posterior leaf spring (PLS)
    • Femoral Fracture orthosis
    • Humeral fracture
    • Cock-up splint
    • Mallet finger splint
    • Boston/Milwaukee brace

    Mechanist Workshop Services

    • Hinges
    • Mechanical knee joint for KAFO
    • Erb’s palsy splint
    • Aeroplane splint

    Corset/Leather Workshop Services

    • Knee brace
    • Lumbar corset
    • Thoraco-lumbosacral orthosis (TISO)
    • Silesian belt
    • Cuff suspension

    Orthopaedic Shoe Workshop Services

    • Orthopaedic shoes
    • Arch supports
    • Shoe raise
    • SFAB (steenbeck foot abduction brace)
    • Shoe insoles
    • Mr. Adegbola Mayowa A.

      • Prostetics / Orthotics
      • HND, Prosthetics/Orthotics
      • *Orthopedic Rehabilitation Leizpig, Germany *Management of Back Pain, Lagos*Unorthodox Surgical Care: How relevant in the 21st century, Lagos *Challenges in the Management of Musculo-Skeletal Tumours
      • Room 6, Ground Floor P & O Building
      • prosthetics@nohlagos.gov.ng
      • Monday - Friday
  • TSERS Department

    Training Schools, Education, Research and Statistics (TSERS) Department is the training hub of the hospital. It was first headed by Late Dr. B.O. Onobowale between 1977 – 1989. The department has since been headed by various consultants; including the present Medical Director – Dr. O.O. Odunubi. It is currently headed by Dr. M.K. Chira. It was originally called Research, Education and Training (RET) department. In 2004, the functions of the department were expanded and the name was consequently changed to Training Schools, Education, Research and Statistics (TSERS) by Dr. G.T. Adebule’s Administration. The name it bears till date. TSERS department is saddled with the responsibility of training and re-training of staff in the hospital and also oversees the Four (4) training institutions in the hospital:
    i) Residency Training Programme
    ii) Federal College of Orthopaedic Technology (FECOT)
    iii) Post Basic Nursing Schools (PBNS) [Ortho. & Accident and Emergency]
    iv) Orthopaedic Health Assistant School (OHAS) soon to be re-named School of Orthopaedic Cast Technology (SOCT) following accreditation by National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) for National Diploma (ND) training.

    It’s important to note that TSERS, in addition keeps a statistical record of the activities of these Six (6) units as well as all research work in the hospital. TSERS oversees two (2) of the statutory tripod stands upon which the hospital is established – Training and Research. The third being clinical services. It is also noteworthy that TSERS liaises in all matters between the regulatory bodies and the four training institutions run by the hospital.

    Sections & Services Rendered

    • 1. RESIDENCY TRAINING PROGRAMME: This is a post graduate specialized training programme for Medical Doctors who aspire to specialize in Orthopaedic and Trauma or Burns and Plastic Surgery. It is a six (6) year post graduate training programme. The regulatory bodies are:
      i) The West African College of Surgeons (WACS) and
      ii) The National Post Graduate Medical College (NPMC)
      The Residency training programme is headed directly by Head, TSERS
    • 2. FEDERAL COLLEGE OF ORTHOPAEDIC TECHNOLOGY (FECOT): The college is established to train manpower in the field of Prosthesis/Orthotics Technology with the aim of producing world class professionals to meet the dearth of personnel in the Health Sector. The college got formal approval from the Federal Ministry of Health in May, 2005 but the first batch of students was admitted in 2008.
      The college is regulated by:
      i) National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and
      ii) Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Board (MRTB)
      It currently runs a five (5) year programme comprising of two (2) academic sessions – (four semesters) for the award of National Diploma (ND) in Prosthetic/Orthotics Technology, one (1) year mandatory clinical attachment and another (2) academic sessions – (four semesters) for the award of Higher National Diploma (HND).
      Admission into the college is through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) via the conduct of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) since 2009, TSERS supervises the post UTME entrance exams for National Diploma (ND).
      The Federal College of Orthopaedic Technology (FECOT) is headed by a Provost who reports to the Head, TSERS
    • 3. POST BASIC NURSING SCHOOLS (PBNS): The school commenced operation for the award of Registered Orthopaedic Nurse in October, 1981, while operations for the award of Registered Accident and Emergency Nurse commenced in June, 1986. The school runs twelve (12) months of study concurrently. The certificates awarded are: Registered Orthopaedic Nurse and Registered Accident & Emergency Nurse respectively.
      The programme is regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. TSERS coordinates the admission processes into these schools, organizes their matriculation, training and convocation events. The Post Basic Nursing Schools (PBNS) is headed by the School Principal who oversees the Coordinators of both programmes. The Principal reports to the Head, TSERS.
    • 4. ORTHOPAEDIC HEALTH ASSISTANT SCHOOL (OHAS): This school was established in July, 2002 to prepare students for services in Orthopaedic Casting and Plaster Techniques. The school has just recently been approved to run a two (2) year academic sessions – (Four semesters) programme leading to the award of National Diploma (ND). Consequently, the name of the school will soon be changed to School of Orthopaedic Cast Technology (SOCT) with effect from 2016/2017 academic year. Admission into the college will be through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) via the conduct of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) commencing from 2016/2017 session. TSERS shall supervise the post UTME entrance exams for National Diploma (ND). Orthopaedic Health Assistant School (OHAS) is headed by a Coordinator who reports to Head, TSERS.
    • 5. THE MEDICAL ILLUSTRATION UNIT: This unit is involved in photographing, recording, editing and storage of clinical and training materials for the use in the hospital library by staff and trainees. It is also involved in providing Public Address System, multimedia projection and other technical support at all clinical and academic meetings. TSERS oversees and supervises the activities of this important unit. The Medical Illustration Unit (MIU) is headed by a Principal Graphic Artist who reports to Head, TSERS.
    • 6. THE LIBRARY SERVICES: This unit mans the hospital libraries – the main library at the Mobalaji Bank Anthony Ward and the schools’ library at the FECOT building. The unit recommends and sources relevant books and journals for the hospital libraries. TSERS oversees and coordinates all activities by this unit. The Library Services is headed by Asst. Director, Library who reports to the Head, TSERS.
    • 7. OTHER IMPORTANT ACTIVITIES OF TSERS: 1. Organizes the Annual Scientific workshop of the hospital
      2. Organizes and prepares all materials for statutory committee meetings such as
      i. Admissions and Credentials Committee meeting
      ii. Educational Advisory Committee (Surgeons)
      iii. Educational Advisory Committee (General)
    • Dr. O.R Babalola

      • Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine
      • *Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy Instructional Course, Istanbul Turkey. *Global Arthroscopy Foundation Shouder Arthroscopy Fellowship, Northshore   University System, Evanston, Illinois. * Resident/Fellows course in knee and shoulder Arthroscopy. Illinois, USA *Knee and shoulder Arthroscopy.  Fellowship, Pune, India.
      • Room 10 TSERS Block A
      • tsers@nohlagos.gov.ng
      • Monday - Friday
  • Health Records

    The Health Records Department is one of the essential services providers in the hospital. The Department is one of the departments under clinical services and was initially known as Medical Records Department but had to be changed to Health Records Department in line with the enabling Decree 39 of 1989 which regularizes the practice of the profession in Nigeria. The department runs a twenty four hour services to the public and officers in the practice are licensed by the Health Records Officers Registration Board of Nigeria. It is comprised of eleven units providing supportive services to patients, several hospital staff, hospital management, government agencies and non- governmental organizations

    Functions of the department

    • Initiation and Registration of new and follow-up patients.
    • Facilitating consultation of both in and out-patients.
    • Regulating appointment scheduling for patients.
    • Coordinating effective retrieval and filing of patient’s records before and after use at the case notes and x-ray film’s libraries.
    • Facilitating registration and consultation of patients at the General Out-patient clinics as well as catchment units at radiological, physiotherapy and prosthetics/orthotics departments of the hospital.
    • Facilitating initiation, compilation, analysis, interpretation and dissemination relevant data for patient care, managerial decision making, governmental and non-governmental agencies support as well as research and educational requirements.
    • Maintenance of a formidable records archive for inactive and dormant records.

    The Health Records Department comprised of eleven units providing supportive services to patients, several hospital staff, hospital management, government agencies and non- governmental organizations The department is made up of nine professional officers, four technicians, thirty five clerical officers, six interns and one secretarial staff. The main administrative office is situated adjacent to the nursing administrative block both built with red bricks. However, the department has two major libraries for keeping case notes and x-ray films and an archive for further keeping of in-active and dormant case notes.

    Services Rendered

    • Documentation of registration at the General Out Patient Department of the hospital for the first timers.
    • Routine registration of daily Consultant’s Out - patients Departments.
    • Preparation of Appointment scheduling for all patients.
    • Retrieval and filing of patient’s health records for clinical consultations.
    • Facilitation of admission procedures for patients into wards.
    • Collection, Compilation, Analysis, and Interpretation of statistical data for managements use, research requests (internal and external), and other government agencies like Federal Road Safety Corps, educational institutions etc.
    • It also maintains comprehensive documentation of all registered hospital patients registered from 2008 to date on the computer system as well as admission particulars of patients admitted to wards and the procedure cases performed for them.
    • Maintenance of a centralized Case notes and X-Ray film’s library
    • Maintenance of a central archive for all patients’records.
    • Management of a specialized decentralized filing room for club foot and Kochs patients.

    Main Sections of Heaith Records

    • New General Out-Patient Department for first timer’s registration.
    • Emergency Medical Services registration unit for emergency registration of patients and follow up cases.
    • General Out-patient registration unit for all Orthopaedic cases
    • General Out-patient registration unit for burns and plastic , spinal, trauma, general medicine, oncology, paediatrics, dietetic clinics
    • Appointment scheduling unit
    • Case notes and X-Ray libraries.
    • Case notes Archives
    • Main Administrative Office
    • Main X-Ray unit
    • Traumatic X-Ray unit
    • k) Physiotherapy Dept- • Gym registration unit • Trauma room registration unit • Special General out-patient registration unit
    • Staff clinic unit
    • m) Prosthetics & Orthotics unit
  • Information Technology

    Over the years, the information technology unit has been responsible for the development, implementation and support of the IT systems, services and infrastructure within the Hospital. In line with the tripartite functions, the unit leverages on the emerging technologies as well as available information resources to support effective teaching activities, research and delivery of excellent health care services.

    The unit also provides services and expert advice to health care professionals and students within the hospital with a view to maximizing the potentials of Information technology in information security and system improvement.

    The Information Technology unit comprises the team of young, vibrant and intelligent staff headed by Mr. Adedeji Francis and has over the years transformed the hospital services with the help of new health technologies.
    The team includes:
    • Mrs. Olalekan K.S.
    • Mr. Durowoju A.A.
    • Mr. Ijilusi J.O.
    • Mr. Ogbu Christopher
    • Mr. Olalowo O.B
    • Mr. Animashaun I.D

    Our activities include:
    • Maintenance of all the hardware and computer peripherals in the hospital and providing immediate solution to Hardware and Software problems.
    • Development of Hospital’s website.
    • Implementation of hospital policy on information technology.
    • Administration and maintenance of the Computer Network in the Hospital.
    • Software design and development.
    • Training of computer users in the hospital; the secretaries, the typists and other members of staff as directed by the Hospital Management.
    • Production of staff ID cards.
    • Managing the Hospital Email and creating corporate Email for staff.
    • Distribution of e-pay slip to members of staff
    • Supervision of hospital IT consultants in the implementation of IT related contract and agreement.

  • Internal Audit

    The Internal Audit Department of the Hospital is a creation of statute – Financial Regulations which requires that every Self Accounting Unit must have a fully constituted Internal Audit Function.
    The department is statutorily charged with the responsibility of continuous review and evaluation of the System of Internal Control.
    Its functions involve independent appraisal activity for the review of financial, accounting and other operations as a basis for constructive and protective service to Management.

    • Pre-payment Audit Unit
    • Stores Verification/Inspection Unit
    • Internally Generated Revenue Unit
    • Post-payment Audit Unit


    • Mr. O. S. Oduntan
      Chief Auditor
    • Mrs M. Akinsola
      Chief Executive Officer
    • Mr. D. B. Bissy Aluko
      Senior Stock Verifier
    • Mr. S. A. Oduyoye
      Asst. Chief Auditor

    The services rendered by the department include:
    • Comprehensive pre-payment auditing of all payment vouchers
    • Stores Verification and investigation
    • Progressive appraisal of the soundness, adequacy and application of the system of Internal Control.
    • Advising the Accounting Officer on all auditing matters, technical provisions of the Audit Regulations, Treasury Circulars and Financial Regulations.
    • Auditing of Accounting Records such as books of accounts, main and subsidiary ledgers.
    • Auditing of Financial Returns (Monthly IPSAS Trial balance, bank reconciliation statement and Expenditure Returns).
    • Compilation of Audit Reports.
    • Auditing of Internally Generated Revenue.
    • Post Payment Audit
    • Assist in protecting the assets of the Hospital by carrying out a continuous examination of activities in order to detect fraud, misappropriation, irregular expenditure or loss due to waste, extravagance, mal-administration or other causes.
    • Special Investigation and Forensic Audit.
    • Confirm compliance with laws, regulations and government guidelines guiding the expenditure of public funds.

    • Mr. Chima Irem Nnachi

      • Director, Internal Audit
      • HND, MBA, ACA, ACTI
      • * Annual Accountants Conference
        * Remita Training
        *Modern Internal Auditing
        *Government Accounting
      • Ground Floor, Main Administrative Building
      • Monday - Friday
  • Radiology

    The radio-diagnosis department is situated at about the centre of the hospital complex. It has two units; namely:- i.) The traumatic radio-diagnostic unit, where emergency cases are examined. ii.) The main radio-diagnostic unit, where the out patients and ward cases are examined. On the average, the department investigates about 10,000 cases annually. An average of over 15,000 radiological examinations are done annually, 90% of the total number of patients scan in the hospital, go through the radio-diagnosis department for one investigation or the other.

    The department is basically divided into nine sections with staff strength of 35 staff / doctors that work on 24/7, 365 days basis. The main sections and services rendered are as follows:


    • Main x-ray section
    • Traumatic x-ray section.
    • Digital x-ray section
    • Theatre section
    • Ward section


    • Ultrasound scans section.
    • ECG section
    • Dark room (image developing) section.
    • Reception and secretariat.

    Services Rendered

    • Conventional radiography
    • Theatre radiography (using c-arm or image intensifier)
    • Ward Radiography
    • Ultrasonography of different areas such as:
      - Musculoskeletal ultra sonography
      - Doppler ultrasound scan
      - Echo cardiography
      - Abdominal ultrasound scan
      - Pelvic ultrasound scan
      - Ultrasound scans in trauma
      - Image-guided procedures
      - Obstetrics and gynecological Ultrasonography
      - Small parts Ultrasonography e.g. thyroid, testes etc.
    • ECG examinations
    • Intern radiographers training programs.
    • DR. J.U Igwilo

      • Consultant Radiologist
      • *Musculoskeletal ultrasound training in Thomas Jefferson University Teaching Hospital Philadelphia USA (2004) *Soft tissue and musculoskeletal tumor imaging - ICRET Fellowship in Karolinska Hospital Sweden (2005) *Vascular Ultrasonography training *Multilevel management trainings
      • Room 1, Radiology BLOCK
      • radiology@nohlagos.gov.ng
      • Monday - Friday
  • Procurement

    The Management of National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos recognizes that sound public procurement policies and practices are one of the essential elements of good governance. Also in line with the Federal Government directive for the creation of procurement Department in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). In the year 2011, Procurement Department was established in the Hospital to harmonize all procurement activities of the Federal Government in line with Public Procurement Act of 2007.

    The aim of a Procurement Department is to build capacity within the Public Service, in order to ensure that there is principal hallmark of proficient public procurement such as:
    • Economy
    • Efficiency
    • Fairness
    • Reliability
    • Transparency
    • Accountability and Ethical Standard

    The functions of Procurement Department in the hospital are limitless but below are a few:
    a. Advertise and solicit for bids in compliance with guidelines issued by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) from time to time.
    b. Receive and maintain appropriate documentation for bids received, examine bids received, obtain a “certificate of ‘No objection’ to Contract Award from the BPP and submission to the Hospital’s Tenders’ Board.
    c. Debrief the bid losers on request
    d. Resolve complains and disputes, if any
    e. Obtain and confirm the validity of any performances guarantee
    f. Announce and publicize Contract Award
    g. Execute all Contract Agreements
    h. Conducting market survey for cost effective procurement both locally and internationally.
    i. Serve as the Secretariat to Hospital’s Tenders’ Board and Procurement Planning Committee.
    j. Liaising with BPP on matters relating to contract awards
    k. Maintain an optimum re-order level of stock items and ensure no over-stocking and out of stock situation in the hospital.

    • Mr. Gabriel Olusegun Ogunsusi

      • Assistant Director, Procurement
      • B.Sc (Business Administration)
        Fellow, Institute of Strategic Procurement and Resource Management

      • * Senior Management Course (Lagos)
        * BPP Conversion Course (Abuja)
        * IPSAS Accrual Accounting (Lagos)
      • Room 1, Procurement Block
      • Monday - Friday
  • Administration

    The Administration department of the National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi ensures the smooth running of operations in the Hospital and is pivotal to the coordination of activities towards the attainment of the Hospital’s vision and mission.

    As a matter of policy, the department is driven by a display of the highest standard of professionalism, innovativeness and cost effectiveness. It also harnesses both human and capital resources with a view to achieving sustainable development in all facets of the Hospital. Its main preoccupation is to ensure that adequate and skilled manpower is acquired, trained, motivated and retained in the hospital. The department also ensures dispute settlement when the need arise thereby promoting industrial peace and harmony. The department interprets and implements Federal Health and Personnel policies, makes input into the formulation of internal policies to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, enforces discipline, engenders peaceful co-existence of various professional groups which is a key policy thrust of the Hospital Management. It also ensures capacity building, professional and personal development of staff.

    Functions of Admin Department

    • Interpreting and implementing Federal Health and Personnel Policies.
    • Making input into the formulation of internal policies to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.
    • Promoting industrial peace and harmony. professionals.
    • Capacity building, professional and personal development of staff.
    • Enforcing discipline.
    • Engendering peaceful co-existence of various professional groups as a key policy thrust of the Hospital Management.

    The department with a staff strength of one hundred and ninty six (196) has successfully managed/run the administration to provides services for the smooth running of the hospital.

    Sections under Administration Department and Services Rendered

    • Director Of Administration's Office: Assists the Head of Administration in the smooth running of the department, also receives and treats general correspondences.
    • Personnel Unit: Handles all personnel issues including appointment, promotion & discipline, salary placement, manpower planning & budgeting and other issues relating to members of staff.
    • General Administration Unit: Interfaces with the public on behalf of the Hospital, monitors news/public opinions about the Hospital and grants audience for interviews.
    • Open Registry Unit: Keeps personal files of members of staff, handles members of staff leave issues, increment and other correspondence.
    • Confidential Registry Unit: Handles disciplinary issues, promotion, confirmation and commendation of members of staff.
    • Board Secretariat: Handles board and Top Management Committee matters, treats mails and letters involving the board, Federal Ministry of Health & other ministries/parastatals and issues relating to the Hospital at large.
    • Pension Unit: Handles all pre and post- pension matters of members of staff and also interface with PFAs

    General Services Rendered by Administration Department

    • Recruitment of adequate manpower for the entire hospital
    • Promotion of staff
    • Budgeting
    • Manpower Budget
    • Appointment
    • Discipline
  • Account Department

    Just as blood is important for the proper functioning of the body, the Accounts Department of very organisation is responsible for collecting, summarizing, analyzing and reporting of financial information which enables managers make decision for the day to day running of the organisation. To be able to perform this function and in compliance to the requirement of the Financial Regulations, the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos which is headed by a qualified and experienced Chartered Accountant, is structured as follows:

    The objective of the Accounts Department is to provide financial information to management for their day to day operation and to the public in general. The department provides data and information for the use of the Federal Ministry of Health and other related organizations. Our aim is to serve effectively.

    Functions of the department

    • Provision of Financial Information for Management decisions
    • Collection of patient fees and contractors fees
    • Budget preparation and financial advisory services professionals.
    • Documentation and payments to contractors, staff salaries and taxes and patients refund
    • Preparation and Analyzing of the Hospital Financial Statements.

    The objective of the Accounts Department is to provide financial information to management for their day to day operation and to the public in general. The department provides data and information for the use of the Federal Ministry of Health and other related organizations. Our aim is to serve effectively.

    Sections & Services Rendered

    • DRUGS REVOLVING FUND (D.R.F.) SECTION: In a bid to overcome the OUT-OF-STOCK SYNDROME on drugs, the Federal Government took a loan from the World Health Organisation to establish the D.R.F. On sales of drugs by this department, the cash realized is used to place order for replacement. The unit is independent and keeps its own separate records and bank accounts (i.e. self account unit). Cash from the sales of drugs are collected on the REMITA Platform.
    • THE CENTRAL PAY OFFICE SECTION: All cash payments by the hospital is done through the Central Pay Office. Before any payment is made the payment voucher must have passed through some departments and several actions for approval and endorsement. E -payment are done on the REMITA PLATFORM AND GIFMIS PLATFORM respectively after the vouchers are returned from the Internal Audit Department. The Pay Office keeps records of all payments and subvention received.
    • THE SALARY AND COMPUTER SECTION: The Salary Unit is responsible for the salary and wages computation of the hospital. Data for the determination of works remuneration usually originate from the Admin. Department. Because of the volume of work involved, this unit was the first to be computerized. Salary preparation which , before now took up to 10 days with about nine (9) members of staff can be done in only a couple of hours by only three staff. An important sub unit of the salary Unit is the VARIATION CONTROL arm. This sub-unit ensures the implementation of instruction from other units with regards to engagement, dismissals, promotions, demotions, leave allowances and other salary adjustments.
    • (4) THE REVENUE SECTION: The unit is responsible for the collection, custody, reporting and banking of all monies collected. In a bid to reduce the suffering of patients in line with the provisions of SERVICOM, a Revenue Collection point is located at each service point. The Revenue Staff are trained in the act – Public/Customer Relations as they constitute the most important accounting widow to the public.
    • FINAL ACCOUNTS SECTION: The Final Accounts unit is responsible for articulating the record keeping of all the hospital’s transactions. The various units of Accounts Department generate data which are summarized, analyzed and posted into the general ledger from which the Final Accounts will be prepared for the purpose of auditing and management use. The Hospital annual budgeting is also under this unit.
    • THE ASSESSMENT SECTION: This is a highly specialized unit of the Accounts Department. As the name of the unit indicates, it is the unit that is responsible for the determination of “Patients Fees” to be collected. Special skill is required to be able to determine from:

      - The pre and post operation assessment forms.
      - The material cost schedule which is updated from time to time.
      - Data from Pharmacy on the D.R.F. Unit.
      - They also handled retainership matters.
      - NHIS.

      The Assessment Unit is the starting point of admission into the hospital and for Bills and Charges given to the patients of the hospital. It is also the starting point of Revenue Recognition and Recording for internally generated funds.
    • OTHER CHARGES SECTION: This section is responsible for the following:-

      - Maintenance of the Vote Book and its update.
      - Preparation of Payment Vouchers for Contract Jobs.
      - Preparation of Payment Vouchers for Advances
      - Writing and Signing of Job Orders.
      - Monthly compilation for the Asst. Director of Finance:
      *on Capital Expenditures
      *on Recurrent Expenditures
      - Preparation of the Annual Report.
    • THE CHECKING SECTION: The establishment of the Checking Unit is a requirement of the Financial Regulations. Prior to the advent of computers and other adding machine, it was very important that the calculations from other units are checked. They also check for authorization and approvals. The Checking Unit is the Internal Audit Section of the Accounts Department. They are to ensure that documents sent to the Internal Audit and other departments are arithmetically correct and free from material mistake.
    • THE PENSION SECTION: The Pensions Unit is another very vital of the Accounts Department. It is responsible for the computation of gratuities and monthly pensions to the retired staff of the hospital. The Unit is also responsible for the payment of death benefits to the beneficiaries of the members of staff that died while in service and those that died within the period of five (5) years after their retirement.
    • THE CREDIT CONTROL SECTION: The establishment of the credit control unit is to boost the Revenue generation of the Hospital. The unit is highly specialized in debt collection from in-patient and ensure that all their bills are pay in time. The staffs of the unit are trained in the Act-Public/Customer Relations because they are the accounting window to the populace.
    • Mrs. Olajumoke Aboderin

      • Accounting & Finance
      • Higher National Diploma,
        MBA (Fin Mgt), CNA(ANAN),
        Registered Member of Financial Reporting Council.
      • * Effective Accounting Procedure
        *Performance Improvement in Public Healthcare
        *Remita E-Payment for Public Sector
        *Service Improvement Training Prog
        *MDA E-Payment & E-Collection Process
        *Goals and Priority Setting Strategy for Performance
        *Medical Ethics & Negligence: Avoiding Civil & Criminal Liability ANAN MDCPS
      • Room 2 Account Main Building
      • account@nohlagos.gov.ng
      • Monday - Friday
  • Linen Services

    The name, Linen Services Department evolved as a result of local and international change in the name of the department from Laundry Department. The change took effect after a request for the change was made by the Association of Launderers and Cleaners of Nigeria on 2nd June, 1992 via a letter to the then Orthopaedic Hospital Management Board.

    The reason for the desired change was based on facts that Central Linen Stores, Tailoring and Laundry units deal with one common item (i.e. Linen/Fabrics) with one desired goal; ensuring efficient linen/fabric service delivery to Patients (Clients) in the hospital. With most Laundry Department coordinating and controlling the activities of the other two units to achieve this goal in most hospitals and Laundry being a unit, the name needed to be changed. Thus, the change of name was effected on 11th March, 1993 after it was approved.

    The department is made up of three units namely: Central Linen Store, Tailoring and Laundry. Below are the Vision and Mission statements of the department:

    VISION STATEMENT: To ensure quality control measures for suitable hospital linen, render linen services to patients and other users in furtherance of the hospital’s desire to be the pinnacle of healthcare delivery, training and research.

    MISSION STATEMENT: To produce, process and deliver to patients (clients) and other user areas clean and sterilized linen items on a daily basis as an essential support service for effective patient care, infection control, training and research.

    The sole aim of having a Linen Services Department in a specialist hospital like ours is to ensure sufficient, clean, sterilized linen items and to provide efficient and effective health service delivery in terms of linen to Patients (our Clients) and other users or areas.


    • Mr. G. O. Fagbohun
      Head, Central Linen Store
    • Mr. I. Iroanya
      Head, Laundry Unit
    • Miss O. O. Olukolu
      Head, Tailoring Unit

    The department via her three units render the following support services:

    i) Central Linen Stores:
    a. Receives requests for linen items from user departments/areas and make arrangements for the production of same or notifies the Management on the need to procure materials for the production of such linen items if not available in the unit.
    b. Places requests for washing material and all items needed for the day to day running of the department.
    c. Receives supplied fabrics/linen materials, washing materials and items to be used by the department and conducts quality control checks on same to certify if the items supplied are of the required standard.
    d. Stocks the fabrics/linen materials and other items used by department after collecting them from the main store for easy access when needed.
    e. Issues the items above to the other two units when the need arises and issues job orders to the Tailoring units for production of new outfits/beddings or mending of old ones when the need arises.
    f. The unit is also the center of the administration of the whole department.

    ii) Tailoring Unit:
    a. The unit sews outfits such as: Operation gowns, Jumper & Trousers (scrubs), Nurses’ gowns, Togas, Aprons, Patient gowns, etc. for staff in the theatres, Wards and Patients.
    b. The unit sews bedding fabrics such as: bed sheets, cot sheets, couch covers, pillow slips, draw sheets, mattress covers, pillow covers, etc. for beds, cots and couches in the hospital with the aim of making the hospital comfortable for our clients (Patients).
    c. It sews and supply curtains to wards and offices thus making such areas more presentable and beautiful.
    d. Sews Doctors’ lab coats for doctors’ use when the need arises.
    e. Sews nose masks for the hospital when the need arises.

    iii) Laundry Unit:
    a. Collects soiled fabrics/linen items from all user areas (Wards, Theatres, Out Patient Department, Casualty, etc.) for laundering.
    b. Sorting and washing of the soiled fabrics/linen items.
    c. Drying and sterilization of the washed fabrics/linen items.
    d. Ironing, folding and packaging of the processed fabrics/linen items.
    e. Re-issuing of the processed fabrics/linen items to the user areas where they were initially collected.
    f. Ensures adequate infection control measures are observed during processing of soiled linen items to help curb cross-infection in the hospital.

    • Mr. Ishaya Martins Bashayi

      • Textile Technologist / Principal Technical Officer I
      • HND, Textile Technology, Diploma in Computer Networking and Maintenance
      • *Goals and Priority setting, Strategy for Success and Performance Improvement
        *Quality Improvement Training
        *Health and Safety at Workplace 2
        *Health Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
      • Monday - Friday
  • Dietetics

    The department has been functional for several years now. It functioned parallel with the catering department until the catering department was outsourced in 2013. Dtn (Mrs) M. O Oshin was a past head of the dietetic/catering department and Miss Joyce M. Ukaegbu is the immediate past head of department.

    A. Dietetic Clinic
    • Conducting nutrition and food demonstration program for patients
    • Giving dietary advice and counselling
    • Careful follow-up on in-patients and out-patients’ progress
    Clinical Equipments
    • Weighing scale
    • Food weighing scale

    B. Dietetic Kitchen (Food services)
    The dietetic kitchen of the department is designed to assist the in-patients to recover through the careful administration of therapeutic diets.
    The department runs a 365 day service with dieticians and diet aides on calls and shift duties.


    • Dtn (Mrs) Ada Akinwande
      Principal Dietician
    • Dtn (Mrs) F. Uchechi Umeche
      Principal Dietician
    • Dtn (Mrs) F. Adejoke Adeniji
      Principal Dietician

    • Menu Planning
    • Dietary management of in-patients
    • Dietary counselling of in-patients and out-patients.
    • Training diet cooks.
    • Preparation and dispensing of therapeutic diets in the hospital.
    • Formulation/Modification of foods/diets for different disease conditions.
    • Supervision of food preparation for patients.
    • Educating patients and other health professionals on nutrition.
    • Rendering preventive and curative services by advocating for healthy eating and also providing patients with dietary modification guidelines.
    • Production of healthy drinks for patients and the hospital community

    • Dtn (Mrs) Ada Akinwande

      • Dietetics
      • Higher National Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics
      • * Strategies for improving maternal and child nutrition.
        * Standardization of dietary management of Diabetes Mellitus in Nigeria.
        * Nutrition in emergency and special situations.
        * Food Safety and Investment.
      • Room 3, TSERS Block C
      • Monday - Friday
    • <
  • Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapy has evolved and has come to stay as one of the most essential and important department in the Hospital. We play a pivotal role in patient rehabilitation.
    The central role of Occupational Therapy department in NOHIL (National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi) is to ensure that In-patients and Out-patients referred to the department are able to perform their day-to day activities maximally and independently.
    The Occupational Therapy department Igbobi, runs an In-patient and Out-patient clinics on all working days with sectional heads.
    Furthermore, knowledge about OT (occupational Therapy) among healthcare professionals is essential to guarantee the delivery of comprehensive, holistic and quality care services.


    • Mr. Akinyelure
      Principal Occupational Therapist
    • Mr. Omisanjo
      Occupational Therapist
    • Mrs. Enajie
      Occupational Therapist
    • Mr. Kadiri
      Occupational Therapist
    • Mr. Ololade
      Occupational Therapist

    Services Rendered:
    • ADL (Activities of Daily Living) training
    • Fabrication of certain functional and dynamic splints
    • Vocational rehabilitation and evaluation i.e. work simplification and work hardening.
    • Treatment and rehabilitation of paediatric cases i.e. Cerebral palsy Autism, Intellectual difficulties, Down’s syndrome, erb’s palsy, Spinal bifida, etc.
    • Treatment and rehabilitation of various orthopaedic conditions i.e. Fractures, osteo arthritis, Hand injuries etc.
    • Treatment and rehabilitation of various neurological conditions i.e. Cerebrovascular accident (stroke), Traumatic brain injury, Spinal cord injury, Post-nerve reconstruction surgery, Post-burns injury rehabilitation.
    • Fabrication of custom made pressure garment.
    • Adaptive and hand writing training.
    • Rehabilitation and prevention of work related injuries (occupational injuries).

    • Mr. Akinyelure Abimbola

      • Occupational Therapy
      • Bachelor of Occupational therapy
      • * United State Austism conference, Las Vegas (2019). United State
        * A Systemic Approach to serving children and families, Federal Research Bank of Chicago, Detroit Michigan: United State (2020)
        *International Conference of Medical Rehabilitation Professionals (ICMRP), Abuja (2019)
      • Room 6, TSERS Block C
      • Monday - Friday
  • Store & Supply

    Stores and Supplies Department was created at the inception of the hospital, NOH Igbobi Lagos. The stores and supplies department as established by law and from the onset can be said to be primarily vested with the responsibility of effectively and efficiently receiving Items/materials, storing and distribution of such to various users as need arises. The items here include work-in-progress etc

    i. Medical consumables shop
    ii. Medical Appliances shop
    iii. Prosthetic and Orthotics store
    iv. Surgical Store
    v. Dressing and Cleaning Store
    vi. Stationery Store
    vii. Catering /Dietetics Store
    viii. Energy (AGO and PMS) Store
    ix. Medical gasses Store
    x. Work and Services items/furniture/Miscellaneous/Unserviceable Store


    • Mr. I. J. Ubbor
    • Mr. E. E Ejaife
    • Mr. S. O. Omosuyi
    • Mrs. B. Olakunle-Ajayi

    Services Rendered:
    i. Retail sales of minor surgical/dressing consumables.
    ii. Retail sales of various medical Appliances.
    iii. Storage of prosthetic and orthotics items.
    iv. Storage of all surgical items, consumables, instrument and equipment.
    v. Storage of all dressing and cleaning items.
    vi. Storage of all stationery items.
    vii. Buying and storage of perishables and non perishable food stuff for catering and Dietetics.
    viii. Storage of diesel petrol and other lubricants.
    ix. Storage of medical gasses.
    x. Storage of air conditioners, Refrigerators, office Furniture and equipment etc.

    • Mr. Ubbor Ikenna John-Hamilton

      • Chief Procurement Officer
      • * Procurement Officers’ cadre course, Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP)
        * Post Graduate Diploma in Management
        * Higher National Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Management
      • * Procurement officers conversion course
        * Procurement capacity building
        * Performance improvement in public health institutions
        * Basic steps in computer course
      • Room 1, Stores Building
      • Monday - Friday
  • Works & Services

    The Works & Services Department is responsible for the maintenance of equipment and facilities within the hospital, and also provides the required advice and supervision of projects in the hospital.


    • Biomedical Engineering Section
    • Electrical Engineering Section
    • Telecommunication Section
    • Mechanical Engineering Section
    • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Unit
    • Civil/Building Engineering Section
    • Painting Section
    • Plumbing and Sanitary Section
    • Carpentry Section

    The services provided by the various sections/units in Works & Services Department are:

    i. Electrical Engineering Section: This section is solely responsible for the maintenance of all electrical equipments in the hospital.
    ii. Mechanical Engineering Section: This section is responsible for the maintenance of mechanical equipment, repair and fabrication of mechanical/steel items.
    iii. Biomedical Engineering Section: This section is solely responsible for the maintenance of all biomedical equipments in the hospital.
    iv. Plumbing and Sanitary Section: This is responsible for the maintenance of water supply pumps, pipes and water storage tanks and also responsible for the treatment of sewage, waste water and their disposal to an approved location for environmental safety.
    v. Carpentry Section: This section takes charge of maintenance of roofs of the building, furniture and all other related items in the hospital.
    vi. Painting Section: This section take charge of painting of building, steel structures to protect them against weather and corrosion.
    vii. Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Unit: This unit is responsible for the maintenance of all the air-conditioning systems and refrigeration equipments.
    viii. Civil/Building Engineering Section: This is responsible for the maintenance of the building, roads and repair of civil structures in the hospital.
    ix. Telecommunication Section: This section is responsible for the maintenance of telecommunication equipments like PABX, intercom systems and Public Address System as well as external calls transfer in the hospital.


      • Chief Engineer
      • B.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering)
      • *Goals & Priority Setting, Strategy for Success & Performance Improvement Training organized by Hocal Consulting Ltd. – 2019
        * Effect of Oversized Air-conditioning Systems and Overcooled Building in Hot and Humid Climate organized by American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-conditioner Engineers (ASHSRAE), Nigeria Chapter – June 2015
        * Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) Air-conditioning Systems Training organized by LG Electronics Nig. Ltd. – 2011
        * Autodesk Revit Building 9 Essentials organized by IDM Services, Ikeja, Lagos. March 2007
      • Works & services Building
      • Monday - Friday
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